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Metazero Capital invests in Solstorm

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Metazero Capital is eager to announce that we have expanded our portfolio with Solstorm. Our active involvement in Web3 launchpads provides us with a unique vantage point to seek out new opportunities for capital deployment, incubation, and partnerships.

We are continuously on the lookout for native launchpads with groundbreaking ideas that open gateways to new frontiers, and Solstorm fits exceptionally well into the group of projects we are looking to collaborate with.

The First Automated Launchpad on Solana

With over 20 years of combined Web3 experience, Solstorm is building the first fully automated launchpad on the Solana blockchain. The team’s mission is to connect innovative projects with a highly engaged community, leveraging its extensive network of over 200 key opinion leaders for native marketing, visibility, and support.

As an automated launchpad, Solstorm empowers projects with the ability to automatically launch and hold initial decentralized exchange offerings (IDOs) on Solana, accessing the blockchain’s flourishing ecosystem and attracting investment without manual due diligence.

Solstorm designed its platform with a user-centric approach. It offers project teams and their investors an engaging and intuitive interface to create an efficient and smooth launchpad that benefits all stakeholders involved. With on-chain analytics and gamification layers, the platform takes community engagement to the next level and activates targeted action via personal marketing, emails, and other methods.

Safeguarding Investors

To protect investors, the automated Solana-based launchpad burns or locks LP after token raises. At the same time, the platform displays different badges next to projects’ names, including:

  • A KYC Badge for project owners successfully verifying their identities via an automated platform.
  • A Doxx Badge for KYCed projects that have uploaded a video AMA to YouTube and shared it with both their communities and SOLSTORM.
  • A SAFU Badge for KYCed projects that pose no risks of developer manipulation. To earn the badge, project teams must fulfill several criteria.

Furthermore, Solstorm’s integration with the Raydium DEX ensures that launchpad projects’ tokens can be readily traded on the platform. This provides liquidity to holders and improves overall market dynamics.

A New Era of Solana Token Launches

After collecting $2.5 million of funding from investors, Solstorm’s journey now also involves Metazero Capital.

With our new investment, the automated launchpad comes one step closer to creating a new era of Solana token launches, making funding more accessible for disruptive projects and organically growing the blockchain’s ecosystem.

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