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Metazero Capital Invests in Omnia Protocol

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We have recently expanded our portfolio by strategically investing in OMNIA Protocol. With Metazero Capital’s new investment, our goal is to support the development of the blockchain infrastructure and the decentralized finance market.

A Leading RPC Provider and dePIN

As a leading RPC provider that specializes in decentralized physical infrastructure networks (dePINs), OMNIA offers an effective solution to the centralization of remote procedure call nodes connecting blockchains with dApps.

With its dePIN guaranteed by thousands of nodes distributed worldwide, dApps can be safely connected to over 40 blockchains with 100% uptime, 24/7 support, no single points of failure, as well as privacy and security features via OMNIA.

Currently, OMNIA serves a user base of over 2.8 million and processes a monthly volume of $3.1 billion and 350 million RPC calls every day.

Featuring partnerships with Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS, Cloudflare, Alchemy, and more, the RPC provider has onboarded prominent crypto and DeFi projects as users. Notable examples of clients include Uniswap, SushiSwap, Near, Gnosis,, GMX, OKX, Fireblocks, and WalletConnect.

An RPC With Enhanced Privacy and Security

Besides offering an RPC with a decentralized infrastructure, OMNIA also puts an emphasis on users’ privacy and security. Regarding the prior, the dePIN project obfuscates individuals’ off-chain data to protect them against scams and hacker attacks.

Simultaneously, OMNIA enhances users’ security through the following features:

  • Acting as an intermediary between users and the blockchain, OMNIA ensures that a transaction will get broadcasted to the mempool and will have a chance to be included in a block via reinforced transactions.
  • OMNIA offers individuals frontrunning protection by making sure that their DEX transactions are not seen by sandwich bots in the public mempool.
  • The project’s MEV cashback tool intercepts bots’ transactions and returns profits to users in the form of direct cashback on DEX transactions vulnerable to Maximal Extractable Value.
  • With its safe RPC endpoints, OMNIA’s token approval protection feature provides real-time alerts against malicious tokens and halts suspicious transactions to safeguard DeFi traders’ assets.
  • The project’s honeypot protection monitors and detects potential scam tokens.

Reinforced Security and Privacy for Crypto and DeFi Users

OMNIA Protocol addresses the challenge of RPC nodes’ centralization and provides a much-needed boost to user privacy and security in the crypto and DeFi markets.

With a strong commitment to advancing the blockchain infrastructure and decentralized finance sectors, Metazero Capital is excited to play a significant role in OMNIA’s journey as a strategic investor.

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