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Metazero Capital invests in Laika AI

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Following in-depth market research and analysis, we are excited to announce Laika AI as the latest addition to our portfolio. Laika introduces a combination of features that enhance the Web3 economies in a way that drives innovation and adoption. Metazero Capital’s decision to back Laika AI falls in line with our 2024 investment strategy which includes discovering projects with exponential growth potential in the Web3 AI sector. 

Market Front Runner

The ease of use and wide range of features that Laika AI possesses make it stand apart in the market. It’s the world’s first AI chatbot ecosystem modeled from web3 data. This data is scraped directly from popular networks and strategic partners including Google Incubation, AWS, Covalent, Polygon, and many more.

Laika’s comprehensive platform encompasses cutting-edge functionalities such as Token contract scrutiny, Approval Analysis, Wallet Assessment, DeFi exploration, NFT verification, Signature data interpretation, AI-driven on-chain analytics, and marketplace vigilance along with phishing website identification.

Demand for real-time web3 data is on the rise and Laika’s position enables it to capitalize on this demand via its data marketplace and infrastructure services. They are the market pioneers and fill this niche perfectly. 

Every User Strengthens the Network

Web2 AI platforms have seen massive adoption and first movers in the space such as ChatGPT continue to see massive returns and growing adoption rates. Laika AI possesses a similar positioning as the first web3 AI chatbot in the sector. The demand for its services is evident from its impressive accomplishments to date.

Laika has 50k+ downloads and 16k+ daily active users, with the platform boosting a 98% retention rate.

The decentralized nature of Laika AI means that every new user and partnership adds data to the neural network. Upgraded data libraries improve performance and enable the chatbot to provide accurate and insightful responses. As such, Laika AI increases in capabilities alongside the size of its community.

Laika’s Advanced AI Features

Laika was designed to enable anyone to conduct advanced trading strategies and research without any technical background. The intuitive chatbot allows you to use simple text prompts to conduct in-depth analysis on platforms, tokens, and social media influencers in real time. Compare projects and see what option fits your strategy best. 

Impressively, users can ask the AI to provide a huge selection of services including curated news streams on the projects they care about. Laika AI leverages real-time web3 data which enables it to provide analytics on exchanges, tokens, NFTs, and even individual wallets. Use AI insights to track the top wallets to see what developers are interested in and much more.

A Project on the Rise

Metazero Capital looks forward to doing its part to drive Laika AI’s vision of an all-inclusive web3 economy. The platform’s powerful chatbot opens the door for large-scale adoption and we hope to be along for every exciting step of this journey.

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