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Introducing Metazero Capital

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Metazero Capital is a venture capital specializing in early-stage blockchain startups. We invest in the dynamic landscape of digital asset markets with a thesis-driven strategy.

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The Future is Now

We find ourselves at a pivotal juncture in the evolution of the internet. On one side lies the familiar hub-and-spoke model that has characterized Web 2.0, marked by tech monopolies, centralized data, limited privacy, suboptimal security, and widespread censorship.

On the other side, we envision a Web3 model distinguished by individual sovereignty, peer-to-peer transactions, robust privacy guarantees, and assured accessibility. The foundational tools for this paradigm shift include blockchain networks, cryptocurrency tokens, decentralized identities, and open-source software.

Embracing the future of Web3 is not just a choice but the only logical progression. Our objective is to break down barriers to Web3 adoption by investing in and supporting innovative startups operating at the forefront of this burgeoning sector. Through our commitment to championing exceptional early-stage companies, we aim to serve as a catalyst for positive technological advancements.

The A-Team

Metazero Capital embodies a team of hands-on professionals dedicated to turning bold ideas into reality. We are a proactive team that translates innovative ideas into reality, firmly committed to cultivating lasting connections with startups that share our values and aspirations.

The establishment of Metazero represents a moment of pride for our team, comprising of serial entrepreneurs, creative problem solvers, and venture partners. Our inherent nature involves collaborating with startups to optimize their business models, cultivate audiences, and establish meaningful partnerships. Together, we have coordinated investments totaling tens of millions of dollars.

Open Invitation

The crypto landscape is dynamic and diverse, and while we have progressed beyond the initial stages, there is ample room for growth. A commonly drawn parallel is that the current state of the blockchain industry resembles the internet’s landscape in the late 1990s.

The anticipated innovations in the coming years are genuinely thrilling, and we are committed to closely collaborating with the most dynamic projects that emerge.

Whilst the blockchain space is not devoid of investors, we distinguish ourselves through enduring commitments rather than mere financial investments. Our driving force is the relentless progression of decentralized computing, Web3 networks, and crypto-assets, and we pledge continuous support and mentorship, offering access to a global network of valuable connections.

We extend an invitation to innovators, entrepreneurs, and founders who share our vision to join us on this journey and reach out.

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